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Yellow for the kitchen or bathroom.

Toile drapes with sun crystal, and blue and cream border, handmade yellow curtains, kitchen, Seattle, Washington
Creative Commons License photo credit: Wonderlane

Accessorizing kitchens and bathrooms can be tricky. After all, there are so many different design options and so many possible moods to convey. If a homeowner is looking for a bright and welcoming kitchen or bathroom, then yellow is the perfect color.

A yellow curtain will add some sunshine to any room. Finding the perfect yellow shower curtain is actually very easy. Yellow is such a light color that it works well on almost any fabric without weighing down a room. A plastic yellow shower curtain is light and casual, perfect for guest or kids bathrooms. If the bathroom style is more formal, a heavy fabric will look beautiful. Yellow is the perfect color for a heavy fabric curtain. It will look elegant without all the heaviness a darker color could bring.

Yellow curtains can add a lot of brightness to the kitchen. Not only is yellow the color of sun, the color is also light enough to allow just enough sunlight through. The color yellow is very versatile in a kitchen. Many people choose to paint the walls yellow for a bright room. Yellow is a great color for curtains or a valance. An excellent combination is a yellow valance with a lightweight white curtain that has been embellished with yellow flowers or some other sort of yellow pattern.

Yellow curtains are also a great choice for people with a small bathroom or kitchen. In a small room, dark curtains may make the room look smaller. In comparison, yellow curtains will open up the room and allow the outdoor light to shine in. The outdoor light can make a room feel bigger than it really is. Yellow can be matched to almost anything and works great in combination with many other colors. There are even many different shades of yellow that look good layered against each other.

Yellow is traditionally a color that inspires a happy mood. Both homeowners and guests will appreciate a room that brings joy and encourages good feelings. It is pleasing to the eye and adds to a peaceful atmosphere. A yellow curtain can brighten up a small room or a room with dark appliances or walls. In addition, curtains are an affordable way to make a big change to a room. When homeowners are in doubt about a color for the kitchen or bathroom curtains, they should choose yellow for all the benefits it offers.