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Working With Garage Door Insulation

New Garage Door
Creative Commons License photo credit: LoneGunMan

If you are doing any kind of work in your garage, whether it is industrial like fixing your car, or working with any other kinds of projects, it is a must that you have proper insulation for your garage and garage door. I myself am constantly out in the garage whether I am performing scheduled maintenance on my car, or just working on the next recreational hobby with my kids. Since I am constantly in the garage it is no wonder why I keep my garage properly insulated. Having proper insulation for your garage door will make it so that the only things you need to totally cool or heat your entire garage space is a small air conditioner, and a small electric space heater.

Now I don’t know about you, but I sure do not want lots of insects and moisture moving into my home all the time. And this is what happens you do not have adequate garage door insulation. Not to mention all of my high-tech electronics I use in my garage like my wireless TV transmitter would be utterly ruined from the moisture. Not to mention having excessive moisture inside any part of your home can cause mold to form, which would make me sick since I’m out there all the time.

I keep my heating and cooling costs down to a small amount because the prices of energy are always on the rise because of America trying to become a more green country. I do this by using polystyrene and injected form, the two most popular forms of insulation, to keep my garage door insulation under control. This makes it so even if the air from my garage is constantly flowing into my home and vice versa, it doesn’t matter because it is all the same temperature because my garage door is well insulated.