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Why is Whey Considered the Best Protein Powder?

Whey Gourmet Free Protein Shake Sample
Creative Commons License photo credit: bchow

Whey protein is a 100% natural, pure and top quality protein which is found only in cow’s milk, it contain all 8 of the essential amino acids that the human body needs everyday for maximum health. When whey protein is in its most pure form, it posses very little, or even no cholesterol, sugar or fat. So what are some of the health benefits of whey that makes it considered as one of the best protein powders.

  • Not only does whey protein powder contain the eight essential amino acids, but it contains them in higher levels than any other protein source. This consequently leads to enhanced sports performance and faster muscle growth. This is why whey protein is the number one choice for almost all types of athletes.
  • Whey protein is able to supply nutrition to muscles rapidly, and this is a direct result of the fact that it is the easiest protein source to digest, and therefore the fastest.
  • Through enhancing the levels of an antioxidant in the body called glutathione, whey protein powder does wonders for boosting our immune system. Sportsmen are recognized as having decreased amounts of glutathione in their cells because it’s levels are dramatically decreased by intense exercise and resistance training.
  • In regards to weight loss, whey protein powder, and especially whey protein isolate, is considered to be one of the best protein powders. This is because its protein form assists in stabilizing blood glucose levels by regulating sugar absorption. This helps to limit hunger pangs, which are almost always a result of unstable blood sugar levels, which in turn helps with weight loss efforts.
  • Still on the subject of weight loss, whey protein contains natural hormonal properties that help suppress the production of some of the hormones that trigger the appetite. In combination with the already mentioned blood sugar controlling properties, whey is a real asset to any weight loss plan.