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When is your tooth ache serious?

It was 8:00am in the morning and Tame’s mouth was just a little sore. He had felt this before but the last time he had felt it was in elementary school when he was just a kid. When it happened then it was because he had been punched in the mouth by the school bully. Even with a few loose teeth, he really didn’t have to visit his local dentist.

Today was a different it wasn’t necessarily an achy pain it was more of an intense and inflamed pain that was starting to grow. He didn’t pay too much mind to it because he thought that it would wear away over time. As the day went on it got more and more sore till he couldn’t handle it anymore.

He left work early to figure things out. He was feeling like he would need surgery or something because it was such a radiant pain that he was feeling in his mouth. By time he called the dentist it was too late in the day. Tame was left to his own miserable condition for the night. As he sat there thinking about his sad state, he watched Cast Away on TNN.

It had just started and Tame thought it would ease his pains but as the movie went on he began to realize that it was going to do just the opposite. He watched as Tom Hank’s character took an ice skate to his tooth and was about to take the tooth out with it. Tame cringed but felt a lot of empathy at that moment. No one truly understands unless they have felt that pain, then they would do the same thing, he thought to himself.

Tame didn’t sleep that whole night. He just withered and wiggled in pain. He was so tired that he had to take the bus instead of driving to the dentist. Finally sleep took over and he was out like a light. When he reached the stop for the dentist he was barely able to walk because of the pain he was feeling in his mouth and head.

Talking was almost impossible, as the dentist soon realized when he started asking Tame questions. He soon switched over to yes or no questions that could be answered with the nod of a head.

This was no ordinary tooth problem. Tame had temporomandibular joint disorder which is a serious condition. It is basically an infection that produces pain in the molar teeth. This condition is wrongly self-diagnosed many times by patient, as the dentist explained to Tame. The dentist was good enough to refer Tame to a specialist and told him the next time that he feels pain that he should be much more careful and understanding of his bodies cautionary systems that are put in place.

The dentist further explained that these pains we feel are much like the warning lights flashing in a car telling us to check our bodies just to make sure there isn’t something wrong. Tame’s choice to see the dentist in Sandy, UT was a good one.