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Web Design: The Different Ways It Affects SEO

The fact that web design can influence a website’s SEO is a very little known fact, even to the most experienced web masters. Actually, web design is the biggest factor that search engines are looking for in ranking a website in their search results. There are many ways that web design can improve your website’s ranking in search engine result pages, and it is vital that every web designer, web publisher, newbie or experienced should know all the possible ways they can tweak their web design to optimize their websites for search engines.

Essential Web Design Tweaks For Google Bots

One of the most essential web design tweaks web masters should start doing is introducing breadcrumbs in their website. Breadcrumbs are one of the most simple website designs, it is one of the simplest coding and structure for a website, but when it comes to the issues of SEO simple seems to be the best. This is because search engines can easily crawl into a website’s pages when the structure is simple and most importantly, accessible. Other than breadcrumbs, utilizing the basics aspects of websites and web designing can also give great results for your website’s SEO. The basic robots.txt and canonical URLs that has seemed to be left out of modern websites are still what most search engines are looking for.

Viewer Navigation and Accessibility Can Improve Rankings

In terms of Google as basis for the search engine, it has been a very well known fact that Google Analytics affects Google search engine results. This means that Google takes into consideration the ability of your website to satisfy your audience or viewers. Google analytics includes stats on the length of time that users stay on your website, how many pages of your website are being viewed by a user and overall visits. With this being said, it can be vital for a website to have good navigation and accessibility for their viewers in order for them to get glued on your website and eventually have better Google Analytics stats, which then results to better ranking.

Keyword Focus

Every website should focus on a field that it caters. Keywords have become such a big part of SEO that it has become an essential aspect for a website’s content. Nowadays, every website are looking to introduce content that aims the keywords that the website is focusing on. This will add to the density of keywords of the whole website, which can then lead to better ranking on search result pages for the keywords that you are marketing your website on.

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