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Wall Clocks Are More Than Functional

When you set out on your search to find the perfect wall clock for your home, you need to consider more than just the way it tells time.  Well, you can shop however you like, I don’t mean to impose my standards on you.  What I mean is that there are so many great old wood wall clocks that have been passed down through families.  Some work great and some have long since been in prime working order.

You can think of them in two ways.  Let’s take pins for example.  You use them to post notes on your corkboard.  Sure, you can get those in various styles too.  There is actually custom made pins and they can be quite decorative.  They serve one specific function, but have an additional feature as well.  The same could be said of non-functional clocks.  Yes, they tell the right time twice a day, but they also have a very charming and decorative quality about them.  So, if you are shopping just to be able to keep time, you may be missing out on a unique opportunity to showcase some charm.