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Veterinary Tech Professional Duties and Responsibilities

Cooper gets dewormed
Creative Commons License photo credit: Priority Pet Hospital

Anyone that wants to get into this occupation and earn a vet tech salary will need to go through two years of schooling to obtain their associate’s degree from a community college before they will become eligible for taking advantage of employment opportunities. The training that these individuals go through consists of clinical and laboratory work with live animals so that they can be given the best possible learning experience by doing things hands on as opposed to reading from books and trying to absorb the information that way. While the annual income for this profession may not be outrageous compared to other career choices, in comparison to a vet assistant salary, veterinary technicians earn a pretty impressive income of $23,000 to $40,500 annually. In addition, the benefits that these employees receive are quite impressive because they include sick leave, holiday pay, vacation pay, a 401k plan and quality health coverage.

Treating and diagnosing medical conditions is quite possibly one of the most important and demanding duties that individuals in this occupation have to deal with on a daily basis. Recording case histories, recording information about patients and administering medication topically or orally are some of the easier responsibilities that vet technicians are accountable for performing. Taking and developing x-rays, providing specialized nursing care, assisting in birthing, euthanizing seriously ill or injured animals, assisting veterinarians with dental procedures as well as assisting in spaying or neutering are some responsibilities that veterinary techs must have an incredible knowledge of the industry and great skill to ensure that they can be confident about performing these duties on a regular basis. Overall, while this vocation may not be suited for everyone because of the lower income and working with animals, anyone who is passionate about animals and can sacrifice the money can have an incredible and rewarding veterinary tech career.