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Utilizing The Services Of Boostability

I had always had a difficult time keeping up with technology. I was interested in the arts, and did not have a whole lot of time to explore social networking or online resources. Throughout college, the extent to which I utilized computers was simply to write papers. I did all of my research in the library and preferred books to computer screens. While I did not have much of a hard time throughout college because of this, I certainly suffered in the future years.

When I opened up my own art gallery in the downtown area, I never imagined I would begin my online experience. However, it was absolutely necessary in order for me to succeed in my business. I did not know this at first, however, and ended up being quite thankful to the neighboring business. When I first opened the gallery, we were pretty much unknown. We knew that we would have to utilize our business space for something other than art if we wanted traffic. After a year, we decided to use our space for a coffee house as well as an art gallery, and because of our location, assumed this would be the ultimate solution to our issues. However, as the months dragged on, we realized we were suffering even more, as our product was more expensive than it was previously, and we had to restock more frequently.

When the neighboring businesses became our main customers, we began asking them how their businesses were doing. When we found that they were much more successful, I became quite confused. They asked me what my company’s presence on the Internet was like. I told them I actually did not do much work online, as I had never been involved in social networking sites or blogs. They could not believe I did not utilize the services of the Internet, and told me that much of that type of advertising was free. They said there were a variety of options for social networking that would get traffic on my website, and ultimately in my store. When I said I had no idea how to utilize social networking sites, they said that I should focus on my own website for the time being. The following week, they asked me if I had heard about Boostability. I told them that I had never heard of Boostability before, and it was clear that they were not surprised due to my lack of overall online knowledge. They told me that Boostability specialized in SEO– which is search engine optimization.

It was not difficult for me to figure out what SEO was all about, as the explanation was all in the name. Understanding that Boostablity increased a business’ presence on the Internet, I knew it was absolutely a service I would need to utilize. I decided to look up Boostability online and found that I could hire them to do all of the work for me. With no time to get my social networking site popular for local consumers, Boostability could pick up my slack. I had a wonderful website that was not getting the online traffic it needed. I decided that Boostability was the solution.

After hiring Boostability, I immediately saw a difference. I was getting new clients every day, and my numbers were skyrocketing. I could not believe the change overnight, and was overwhelmed with the positive results. I am certain that without Boostability, I would not have been able to last in the industry. My business would have eventually gone under, and I would have been left with nothing. Simply hiring Boostability made a world of difference.