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Treatment for Acne on the Body

Acne on the face is embarrassing because the first thing that people look at is the face. Acne on the body, on the other hand, can be very uncomfortable. Acne on the body commonly occurs on the back, shoulders, chest, neck and upper arms. Acne on the back is called “bacne” and this is very common among people who suffer from acne. Acne on the back is more common among males as compared to females. There are many natural remedies for acne on the body.

There are many over-the counter products which are effective at treating bodily acne. Acne pads are one of the most common. They are available at most drugstores.  These pads contain ingredients which help fight acne like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid to name a few. Alpha hydroxy acid or AHA is also a popular treatment. This helps exfoliate skin and reduce the number of blockages which cause acne.

Acne on the body can be treated with numerous products without side effects. Soaps which contain salicylic acid can be used when taking a bath and then a lotion which contains benzoyl peroxide can be applied after taking a bath. The skin on our body can tolerate more products than the skin on our faces. It is not as sensitive, with the exception of the neck. Some results of acne treatment on the body are peeling. If there is excessive irritation before using an over-the-counter product on the body, it is important to consult a dermatologist right away to avoid further problems.

If you have severe acne on the body, it is best not to use products without a prescription and risk infection. Consult a dermatologist right away. They will know how to get rid of acne.

Treatment always begins with hygiene. If you have acne on the back, wear loose clothes and do not let your sweat dry on your back. It is important to always wear clean clothes.