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Training Your Dog

Caring for baby animals has long been associated with children and women, however, the number of men entering into the baby animal fields – i.e. – animal husbandry or puppy raising – has been rising exponentially in recent years. Perhaps it’s the downturn in the economy that has caused men to flock in droves to animal raising or maybe it’s the relaxed social and gender roles so prominent in the 21st century. Whatever the reason, men have been entering these professions steadily for some years and it’s no surprise today to find a middle age man raising pot belly pigs or a young twenty something who has found his calling in Havanese dog training. Men involved in these fields report a higher feeling of connectivity to nature and report improvements in their social and personal lives as well as an over all feeling of well being. Perhaps we can all learning something from this trend and potentially find a happier life and career path in a field that might seem a tad bit outside of the box.