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Top Notch Equestrian Photography

Most people today own a camera, but the reality is that only a fraction can take great photos. When it comes to horse photography, that number goes down even further. Professional horse photography is an art that requires time, passion and dedication to master.Passion in this case does not just apply to the profession of photography but to the subject matter, that being horses. A good equine photographer is one who has ridden horses and taken the time to learn about them. It is not that hard to tell the difference between photos taken by regular professional photographer and one who has spent time with horses. Horse photographers try to tell a very comprehensive story with their work. They know when to shoot the photo, and the specific spots to focus their lenses on in order to achieve a beautiful shot.To be a successful equestrian photographer one needs to appreciate horses. There needs to be a natural, unforced love for these creatures. If this is not present, then there will always be something missing in every photo. An equestrian photographer must have that connection with the horse in order to be able to tell its story.One of the most important elements of equestrian photography is naturalness. Horses have a natural beauty about them which a photographer needs to capture in its entirety otherwise the photo will appear incomplete. It is only through the lens of a professional equine photographer that this can be achieved so don’t believe that just anyone with a camera can handle equestrian photography like a professional.

It is in the fine and unique details that the true beauty of a horse lies. So if you want the very best, deal only with a professional like Michelle Reed of who has a natural talent and immense experience in this particular field.