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Top Mobile Apps for Baseball Fanatics

Whether you are a baseball diehard fan of any local team or just a plain numbers junkie who is fond of recording baseball game scores, the following is a list of mobile apps that will help you keep track of your favorite game.


Baseball Memories

If you’re a baseball old timer nothing can bring back the good old times than Baseball Memories. It is a repository of the glorious moment in baseball and MLB history. Relive the moments of the great game that you saw when you were still a child. It has data for over 200,000 games from 1871 to 2009. No, it is not a typo—it is really 1871. It has all the stats and even the details of the game day including the weather and field conditions.


SportsTap is more than just a baseball news aggregator. It is a sports news aggregator. The app updates you with scores and results even game information about the different leagues such as the NHL, NBA, NFL, Nascar, PGA and more. You can filter the news that you want to read and get instant access to scores and to see how other teams that you like in other leagues are doing. This app is available both for iOS and Android.

Ballpark Envi

Every stadium or ball park has a story to tell and this app can help tell you about it. Not only it can give the story of your favorite ball park, you can also learn the history of other stadiums or ball park around the MLB. This app costs $0.99 which you can get from the AppStore.

Now you need not to sing your way to the ballpark. The ballpark will be coming to a smartphone near you. If you feel giddy for baseball then you need these apps. Baseball fans need to get these brilliant apps for your smartphone or tablet. You ain’t a true baseball fan if you don’t have these apps.