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Things You Don’t Know About Acne

Acne is the most common skin disorder in the whole world and if you are reading this, I can pretty much assume you are an acne sufferer. You might be suffering from either chest acne or facial acne or even back acne, but the information contained in this article should help you get what you want, and that is clear, acne-free skin.

Everyone can get acne during their lifetime. No one is immune to acne. Everyone has a good chance of getting a full blown breakout. Some people have flawless, acne-free skin that only gets a breakout once in a decade. Some people have mild to moderate cases of acne and are greatly affected in their social life as a result. Others are suffering a severe case of acne and are already withdrawing themselves from social activities.

Acne starts showing up in young individuals who are just starting to hit the puberty period. This skin problem affects teenage boys more frequently than young teenage girls due to the fact that acne is triggered and stimulated by the male hormones. It is during the puberty that teenage boys who are growing get bursts of male hormone androgen that has a direct relationship with the formation of acne.

Although most of the cases of acne happen to youngsters and young adults, there are also a lot of old people who still find themselves suffering from the so-called “teenage skin disorder”. Spots and blemishes can still suddenly breakout on aging skin. Adult acne is more common than one might think.

Today, even with our more well developed skin care products, more individuals find themselves suffering from acne. The truth is that we now have a society with more acne sufferers than a few decades or centuries ago. Studies also show that more than 50 percent of the people suffer from acne..

Acne is a very common skin disorder. Millions upon millions of people are having a hard time dealing with this skin problem. This problem actually affects the confidence and self-esteem of the individuals with acne. You will find that with acne, you will not be confident enough of yourself.