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The Water Dispenser – An Office Necessity

There is an entire web domain devoted to water, also called hydrogen hydroxide or dihydrogen monoxide, detailing various ways in which we are dependent upon water. Most of us are partially dehydrated most of the time. Because of this, we are not at our best. People who spend a lot of time out of doors are much more aware of their need for water than most of the rest of us. We need to pay more attention to our bodies.

Because people who have constantly had enough water to drink are sharper and better able to do their best work, one of the most valuable tools of the workplace is the water dispenser. Since most cities and towns have municipal water to which chemicals have been added in order to make sure that it is safe to drink, good-tasting water is vital. Most of us are much more likely to drink something that tastes good, or at least has no taste, like distilled water, than we are to drink the chemical concoction that is the average tap water. Keeping a mug of water or a bottle of water on our desks from which we sip frequently is an easy way to help us get the eight glasses a day that doctors advise. It is also much, much healthier than coffee or carbonated beverages.

Many of the water dispensers on the market today offer both hot and cold water, and some even allow you to purchase a separate water softener part that will make your water smell better. This gives the consumer options throughout the day. A cup of hot soup can be a great and healthy pick-me-up in the middle of the afternoon when energy levels tend to drop. The person in charge of the thermostat can choose to cool the water slightly, to about 54 degrees, set the temperature down to an icy 34 degrees, or anything in between those two extremes.

Some water dispensers are stand alone, while others are designed to sit on a counter top. Both of these designs can handle water bottles that contain between three and five gallons of water. You can even find a water cooler dispenser that will hold up to five gallons for camping trips. No matter where you are, drink water, and stay healthy.