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The Uses Of A Futon Mattress

Creative Commons License photo credit: erichhh

Now, you may think that a futon mattress can only be used in two ways specifically as a bed and as a sofa or couch. Well, you’re dead wrong because this type of mattress can be used in a wide array of different and exciting ways that you and your family will surely enjoy. With this given fact, you will no longer need to throw away some broken old futon mattresses that you have stocked inside your garage because they can still be of great use to you.

First among the different uses of a futon sofa bed would be as a sleeping space. Futon mattresses were basically inspired from the futons of the Japanese people. A lot of people say that if futon mattresses are used without their frames and are just placed on the floor, their shapes will be able to last for a longer period of time. Furthermore, this will also increase the level of comfort that the mattress provides on a person’s body and back. If you have a futon sofa bed at home that has a broken frame, you can use it as a sleeping space on the floor in case you run out of sleeping space whenever a lot of guests come to stay at your house.

On the other hand, you can also use the futon mattress as a sleeping space for your kids. This will be a good idea because of the reason that a lot of kids find it hard to climb up their beds. This is particularly true for very small children. Another good use for the futon mattress would be as a play area. You can reuse old futon mattresses by placing them in your kids’ play area. Your kids can use the futon mattress as a playing surface where they can crawl and lie down during play time. With a futon mattress, you can help prevent the occurrences of injuries inside your kids’ play area. Futon mattresses are not typically made with innersprings so they won’t be bouncy. This makes them easier to play on.