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The Plus-Size Girl’s Guide to Finding the Right Prom Dress

Many young ladies dread prom season because they feel they possess more curves than other prom goers, making it impossible to find a dress that fits them well. There is no reason to feel this way. There are so many styles, lengths and colors out there that everyone is sure to find the perfect dress. There is an overwhelming amount of resources for plus size prom dresses both online and in physical boutiques that will surely satisfy anyone. The key is to figure out which features you wish to accentuate and which to conceal, and how each dress does, or doesn’t, accomplish this.

VIP in Prom DressMany women are under the impression that there are a limited number of plus size options when it comes to special occasions dresses. Thankfully, there are plenty of manufacturers and retailers that primarily focus on plus size women and constructing garments to make them look their best in any situation, including prom.

Long gone are the days when designers believed that a full figure should be hidden under yards and yards of loose fabric. They came to the realization that baggy clothes actually made women look bigger than they really were. Today, it’s not so much about making a woman look small, as it is about making her look shapely. Curves are a good thing! They just need to be in the right proportions and in the right places. This is what a great dress will accomplish.

When choosing a dress, there are some things to be taken into consideration. One of them is color. We like color, and we believe prom dresses should be young and colorful. Still, it is important to go about color in a smart way. Instead of picking a solid bright pink dress, try one with different hues of pink running vertically down its length. This will have a slimming, elongating effect. In general, avoid brighter shades. Instead, go for deeper tones purple, coral, forest green, royal blue or teal – or lighter ones mint, soft pink, pale yellow, baby blue or lavender. Having said that, if it fits your personality and taste, a black prom dress can be very dramatic and beautiful. Just make sure to accessorize it in a fun, young way so it doesn’t look too old.

Cut, length and silhouette are also important. First of all, choose dresses that are at least cocktail length. These are very slimming, and draw attention to your legs, while shorter, mini-dresses may expose too much thigh. An exception would be a form fitting short dress, which, if you have an hourglass figure, and great legs, could be a great choice.

There are a few silhouettes that are flattering to a fuller figure. You could go for an A-line dress, with a fitted bodice and a full skirt. If you have a smaller chest and waist, this style plays up the bust and conceals the hips nicely, making it a very popular choice. For wider waists, an empire waist can be a good choice, falling from just under the bust all the way to the floor. An embellished top adds interest to the chest, pulling up the eye away from problem areas. Just remember that too much embellishments – rhinestones, ruffles, embroidery, etc. – can add unwanted volume to the area. For girls with an hourglass figure, a siren silhouette that is fitted from chest to hips and then flares out can look amazing. Shaping undergarments are a great idea to help you achieve a shapelier figure. Just remember to wear them when you try on dresses, to get a better fit.

Necklines are also important. If you are smaller in the chest area, a strapless dress with bared shoulders will draw the eye up to the neck and face. Halter dresses also draw the eye upwards, while scoop necks are good to make smaller chest look fuller (not recommended for larger chests!). For larger chests, sweetheart necklines will give a better shape to the bust and draw attention towards it. Deeper necklines also play up the chest. Just make sure to keep it tasteful!

Don’t forget to accessorize, but don’t overdo it. Also, pieces that are too small are lost on larger frames and add size to the wearer. Opt for larger but simple items that contrast with the rest of the look. And remember: a beautiful, confident smile is the best accessory of all!

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photo by: RTD Photography