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The Importance of Keyword Research in SEO

SEO Tool: Basic Keyword Glossary @TopRank
Creative Commons License photo credit: toprankonlinemarketing

Advertisement ideas flow abundantly from different sources, but when building your online presence is involved, a guaranteed way to improve traffic and visibility is through trusted SEO practices. You may think SEO is something you can do yourself. Certainly, there is no cheap SEO like Do-it-yourself SEO and there are many tutorials online that can allegedly guide you. They instruct you to load your website with keywords, create as many links to your pages as you can, submit your website as well as its RSS feeds to directories, etc. It sounds easy, but you could just be doing so much work for nothing.

To properly perform SEO, you should have an understanding of how search engines operate, especially Google. You should also understand Internet users and how they do their searches.  This is the reason why keyword research is necessary. In spite of link building and on-page factors, the wrong exercise of keyword use could still mean a lot of wasted time and effort for you.

Keyword research is about what your potential customers are actually looking for. Do you know what to do to find out the information you need? The process requires time and knowledge. You can’t just go with key phrases that strike you as probably the most logically used for searches. You can’t rely on your own perceptions. On the other hand, SEO experts, through correct methods, can pinpoint which key phrases are truly the most popular, not to mention suitable for your website.

You may think that some attempts at advertisement ideas mixed with some efforts at SEO will turn in results for your website’s online presence, but you should know that the market for search engine placement is quite competitive. You either have to carefully plan out your website’s promotion or just acquire a cheap SEO package and let the professionals work for you.