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The Futon Sofa Bed – Ideal For Small Spaces

Creative Commons License photo credit: Mr Wabu

Not only are the values of homes dropping, the size of our living space is decreasing too as the builders try to get as many homes into their plots as they possibly can. These smaller living spaces let the buyers with smaller budgets get onto the ladder, increasing the builders customer base. The biggest problem with this is that most of the furniture we use in the West is not going to be able to fit into the small spaces. Regardless of what material is used to make it, the furniture is bulky and cumbersome.

This doesn’t mean that the situation is hopeless. Western furniture might be bulky, but Eastern furniture isn’t. The futon sofa bed is a prime example of this. The first futons that were used in Japan many years ago were basically just roll up beds. In Japan they have different uses for their rooms compared to us in the West, most of their rooms have multiple purposes. They don’t see why you should only use rooms for short parts of the day. It wasn’t long before a folding frame as added to their beds to make a true futon sofa bed.

These beds are actually made using two main parts. The futon mattress and the frame. Each of these parts can come in different types and styles and made from a number of materials. Though the favoured and traditional material is bamboo,  you can get futon beds made from oak, pine and many other woods. Metal futons are available too, but not as common.

You can add a futon to any room in your home, they can give you a number of other options. Instead of having a small bedroom and living room, you can have two bedrooms, with the living room converting into a bedroom when ever it is needed. Have a look at your home and see how much space you could save.