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The Expense of Driveway Paving

paved asphalt driveway with paver inlay IMG_0260
Creative Commons License photo credit: Gregs Landscaping

Although expensive, driveway paving has become a prominent part of the American home. Most people simply stick with the pre-installed concrete driveway which their home builder put in. While concrete is strong and durable, it doesn’t do much in terms of looks. Therefore, a more decorative approach to driveway installation is needed. There are actually several different designs for driveway decorating, all of which involve hiring a professional to do the driveway installation. Paver installation can be expensive because it often requires more than one individual, heavy machinery, disposal costs, and more.

Driveway brick pavers are one of the more popular types of driveway pavers, and are made from durable bricks which are created in a kiln. They are often thinner than the bricks used in building construction. Before the bricks can be placed down, the current driveway may need to be removed. In some cases, the brick can be placed over the existing concrete. Once the area is prepped, the bricks are set using a spacer, allowing for about a half inch of space between each brick. In this space, mortar is placed. The workers mix mortar with water and place it into the space where it dries hard.

The problem with conventional mortar is that it can make it difficult to remove a broken brick later in its lifespan. The mortar must be chipped away until the brick can be removed. If this is a concern to you, try using sand mortar. This mortar does not dry completely hard, and can be chipped out with relative ease. Mortar is very important because it keeps dirt, grime and plant seeds from lodging between the driveway pavers. More importantly, it keeps your driveway pattern in place, preventing it from moving around. While an expensive endeavor, driveway paving is a good act of home beautification.