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The Environmental and Economical Effects of Recycling Centers

Why Recycle Metals?

Nobody really needs to tell you about the usefulness of metal. It’s in just about everything we use and can be seen just about anywhere you look: in cars, in jewelry, in buildings, and so on. But have you ever thought about where that metal comes from, and what would happen if it ran out? Metal does not grow; it is a non-renewable resource, and at the rate we are using it, metal deposits will run out soon. But that’s not the only reason to find recycling centers in Houston or any other city. Read on for some more benefits and ways to recycle metals.

The Benefits: Environmental

For those environmentally conscious people, recycling metal is a necessity. First, metallic particles in landfills end up in the ecosystem, which could pose a serious threat to human health. Mercury and lead are just some of the threats that pollute air and water. Another benefit is that unlike plastics, metals can be fully restored to their true form. There isn’t any waste left over, and they can be used and reused infinitely. It also takes more energy to manufacture virgin materials than recyclables, especially aluminum. Less waste equals less landfilling. Less landfilling equals less pollution. Less pollution equals better health, for nature and for us.

The Benefits: Economical

According to the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, in 2011, over 135 million metric tons of recycled materials were manufactured last year, valuing over $100 billion. The materials were then sold around the world, resulting in $39 billion in export sales, which is a benefit that needs little explanation. The industry has seen growth year to year. This is not to mention that over 138,000 workers are employed in this industry, which cannot be understated in this economy. This is not to mention that you can line your own pockets with a few extra bucks by taking a small step to recycle your aluminum cans in recycling centers in Houston or your local city.

How Can I Help?

Recycling cans was mentioned in the last paragraph, and this is one small thing that makes a big difference, as aluminum cans are back on the grocery shelf within sixty days having used only five percent of the energy in processing the virgin metal. You can recycle your car, which conserves iron ore, limestone, and coal. Everyday objects like keys, kitchen utensils, pipes, and wheels can be recycled. Additionally, if you run a business or know a local business that produces scrap metal, find a waste management company to help manage the metals. It can be costly to transport the waste, so find a business that will provide receptacles for you and pick up the metal. Not only that, but there are some places that will offer competitive prices for your scraps.

Take Precautions

There are those who go to school for years learning about engineering in environmental management. Allow them to help your business come up with an efficient plan to reduce waste and effectively recycle what’s left to save the environment and save you some money. Recycling centers in Houston may offer this kind of personalized assistance and other information if you are looking to become a more proactive recycler.