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The best Virtual PBX Systems Allow Businesses to Work Outside an Office

About 10 years ago the concept of the virtual office environment was just getting noticed and for an employer that was ahead of the curve it was not an easy feat to set up their individual employees with the tools that they needed to be successful. Although cell phones allowed individuals to check in with one another and emails made it possible to work on different parts of the same project remotely the advancements in technology that are available today have transformed yesterday’s virtual office into a streamlined operation that provides seamless integration of the networking and phone systems which keep each employee connected to one another. Through the resources of a cloud based PBX phone system each person that is working from a remote location is able to connect to their customers with a single phone number.

Like any expensive piece of hardware that is set up to send incoming phone calls to different extensions the virtual PBX system enable a group of people to each have their own unique extension even when they are miles apart from one another. Forwarded to the phone of their choosing the best virtual PBX networks are able to receive and transfer calls without the person dialing the office number ever knowing that the individual on the other end of the line is nowhere near the company office.

In some business the virtual workplace is a complete illusion and the owner of the company is the one that has set up the phone system to manage the calls that can be easily forwarded to the different department heads or employees that are contributing to the organization from their own home office. Even if the employee is sitting in a coffee shop with a laptop and smart phone doing their work the cloud based PBX network is able to join them in the conversations and meetings that are taking place as if they and several other people were all seated around a conference table.