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The Best Steps Toward A Natural Cure For Insomnia

Creative Commons License photo credit: pumpkinmook

Not being able to sleep is not only unhealthy but also very aggravating. Rather than taking pills to get a good night sleep try a natural cure for insomnia. Even the most severe case may be changed simply by using some of these suggestions.

1.    DO NOT SPEND AS MUCH TIME IN BED AS YOU USUALLY DO. Get up about a half hour earlier than you normally do.

2.    EXERCISE MORE. If you tire yourself physically you will fall asleep easier. Insomnia is often associated with depression. If you take antidepressants, exercise may help enough to get you off those pills.

3.    NO TELEVISION IN THE BEDROOM. Watching television can cause stimulation to the brain and therefore keep you awake.

4.    DO SOMETHING CALMING BEFORE BEDTIME. Physical exertion or anything else that is invigorating should be avoided right before going to bed. Instead read or take a slow, relaxing walk.

5.    HAVE A PEN AND PAPER NEARBY. If you have thoughts of chores that need to be done, write them down so you do not have to worry about forgetting them by the morning. Once they are written down you will not fret about them all night.

6.    DO NOT USE ALCOHOL AS A SLEEPING PILL. Alcohol may make you sleepy initially but you will more often than not you will wake up during the night. After that it will be harder to return to sleep.

7.    IF YOU DO NOT FALL ASLEEP SOON AFTER YOU GO TO BED, GET UP. Do not lie there tossing and turning. Get up and do something relaxing then go back to bed. Associate the bed with sleeping only.

8.    RELAX WITH A HOT SHOWER OR BATH. Not only is this enjoyable, but research has found that within an hour as your body cools you should be sleepy.

9.    DO NOT STRESS-OUT. Do something relaxing, have a cup a warm tea, listen to some soothing music or meditate. Forget your worries.

10.    DO NOT AGONIZE OVER SLEEP. If you worry about your insomnia, then that in itself will keep you awake.

A natural cure for insomnia may seem over simplistic but they are worth a try in order to get a good night’s sleep and a healthier life.

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