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The Art of Managing Panic Attacks

Panic attacks, amidst the fact that you have an inkling as to what they are, can still be very frightening as well as terrifying. As a matter of fact, even the mere idea of experiencing another panic episode can already leave a negative impact on your professional, social and personal life. Most often than not, you are to find yourself trying desperately to avoid doing more and more things because you are scared that another attack might hit you; thus leave you trembling, terrified and mortified. These are just some of the reasons why it is vital that you learn how you would be able to control or manage panic attacks, so you could start leading a normal and productive life once again. To help you out, here are a few tips on how to control panic attacks. Read on!

Understand Its Signs and Symptoms

- Although you might think that panic attacks typically just arise out of nowhere, there are actually a handful of hints and indications that an attack is underway. If you are able to recognize such signs, you will also be able to better manage and control it.

- Make yourself a little diary. Listed in this diary are the things that you felt before you had the attack along with where you were and what were you doing at that moment. A lot of people typically experience light-headedness, being uncomfortable or irritated, and feeling short or out of breathe. Whatever it is that you feel, jot it down in your diary. If you can single out the signs that you are on the brink of having another panic episode, you can utilize them to curb the attack.

Avert Your Focus

- Changing your focus is another effective way of controlling your panic attack. If you are experiencing the signs of another attack, you can close your eyes, start thinking of happy thoughts and begin breathing slowly. You can also drink a glass of lukewarm water, walk around a bit or start humming or singing your favorite song out loud. Why not try some of these tips out and see if they help you.

Try Therapy

- These days there are a lot of therapists that can help you in terms of how to reduce anxiety. For some people, the feeling of extreme anxiousness is what triggers their panic episodes. If this is your case as well, being able to reduce your anxiety can help you put an end to your panic attacks.