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Take the Right Steps to Save Money on Your Wedding Dress

What steps have you taken to save money on your wedding dress? If you’ve only shopped around a bit, then you haven’t taken even 1/10th of the things you can do.

Find the cost of the materials of your dream dress and see if there isnt a seamstress who can make the dress for cheaper. While its more expensive to have bridesmaid dresses made, it may be less expensive to have a wedding dress made. Even less expensive if the dress has no sequins or other intricate designs.

Some shops sell the same dress for 20% more than wholesalers. Brides often resell dresses on the internet and in newspaper advertisements. Other brides might be amenable to sharing a dress.  A small size 8 bride can pass the same dress off to a size 6 bride, who then can alter the dress.

There are tons of ways to save money on your wedding dress, you’re willing to work a little longer.