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Changing Poor Eating Habits

My York Multigym
photo credit: markhillary It can be very difficult to change life-long eating habits. Once a certain routine has been established, and certain foods have become a norm, it can be very difficult to change the routine. Reversing or eliminating poor eating habits can be hard because it is essentially changing an entire lifestyle. But it… Continue reading »

The Way To Survive Weight Loss Plateau

Free Tape Measure Woman Waistline Healthy Living Stock Photo Creative Commons
photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography If you’ve been strictly following a fitness club and doing the same routine for this past couple of weeks now, you might be experiencing the frustrating effects of a weight loss plateau. Fortunately, there are ways to get through this challenging phase; most people who work hard to get themselves… Continue reading »

Most common weight loss myths

Most people wanting to lose weight would check the internet. Why not? It has a lot of information, and you get to save from visiting a doctor. While the information we see on the internet seems to be very true, some are not really accurate—leading to misinformation on your part. Just like you, we make… Continue reading »

P90x – The Perfect Solution to Your New Years Fitness Goals!

just me.
photo credit: sergeant killjoy Chances are, working out and getting into shape is not at the forefront of your mind right now. The unfortunate reality is that most of us have a hard time sticking to our diets during the holiday season and finding the time to work out can seem all but impossible. We… Continue reading »

How to Speed Up Your Metabolism

photo credit: cumi&ciki A person who is serious enough about losing weight knows that increasing the rate of metabolism has a huge impact in his goal and helping him lose weight rapidly. If the metabolism is high, the body can efficiently process all the foods you have eaten as fast as it can and consume… Continue reading »

Gift ideas for people trying to lose weight

Weight loss gift ideas should not be dull or boring. In the present time, many friends, relatives and loved ones are finding ways to reduce their weight and stay fit and healthy. Well, if you want to offer them an attractive and thoughtful gifts that could help them lose weight then the following ideas would… Continue reading »

3 Concerns of the Cambridge Diet

Free Tape Measure Woman Waistline Healthy Living Stock Photo Creative Commons
The Cambridge Diet is a very low calorie diet that is very popular in the UK for grossly overweight individuals.  However this diet and eating plan has not caught on in the States, in part because of some concerns that many individuals have about this particular plan.  Read on to learn about 3 main concerns… Continue reading »

Drink Green Tea To Lose Weight

photo credit: Kanko* Green tea’s health benefits are well known for years, but did you know that drinking green tea is also a safe way to supplement your weight loss program to help you lose those extra pounds and to maintain your weight once you reach your ideal weight? The principle of losing weight is… Continue reading »

Some Quick Weight Loss Tips

Endangered Blackbucks at Velavadar National Park, Gujarat, India
photo credit: on the road with sankara I’m somebody who has been involved in reading about and trying to practice all the various fad dieting information for a few decades now, so I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at reading through the lines and knowing when a list of quick weight loss tips are… Continue reading »

Exercise Smarter And Lose Weight Fast

To lose weight fast, it really pays to exercise smarter rather than harder.  Here are a few tips to show you what I mean. One way of working out smarter is to divide up your exercise time into several shorter workouts instead of one long one.  For example,  if you normally exercise 30 minutes a… Continue reading »

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