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Simple Weight Loss Tips for Faster Weight Loss

Whenever you decide to follow a certain diet program, just like the ones that you would often see in some weight loss blogs, you should always be aware of the methods that need to be followed. If there are any unhealthy methods, then you should stop following that diet program and look for a better… Continue reading »

Using the Top Fat Burning Foods

Dieters are quite skeptical about the effectiveness of fat burning foods when they hear about them. It can be really odd to think that by eating more you will be able to lose your weight. But there is scientific proof that they actually do it even though it seems quite counterintuitive. These foods help dieters… Continue reading »

Avoid Extreme Weight Loss Tips

Hippocrates wasn’t wrong when he exclaimed “let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”, nutritional medicine is really what food is all about.   Our body is an amazing and complex biochemical machine, that has specific requirements for health including specific nutritional requirements.  There are over forty five different vitamins, minerals, fatty acids… Continue reading »

Buy Less Food To Eat Less Food and Lose Weight

Target T-1389 Remodel
photo credit: j.reed This might sound as a brain dead simple weight loss advice but it works so well and so people use it that it must be said. Buy less food and you will eat less food. Make a shopping list and make sure you stick to it when you go out shopping. The… Continue reading »

Some Quick Weight Loss Tips

Endangered Blackbucks at Velavadar National Park, Gujarat, India
photo credit: on the road with sankara I’m somebody who has been involved in reading about and trying to practice all the various fad dieting information for a few decades now, so I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at reading through the lines and knowing when a list of quick weight loss tips are… Continue reading »