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Web Design: The Different Ways It Affects SEO

The fact that web design can influence a website’s SEO is a very little known fact, even to the most experienced web masters. Actually, web design is the biggest factor that search engines are looking for in ranking a website in their search results. There are many ways that web design can improve your website’s… Continue reading »

It Takes Both Web Design and Web Development to Make a Perfect Website

Generally, people often are misguided with the use of the term web development in lieu of web design. They usually think that web design and web development are the same and that one term can be used on behalf of the other. There is quite a blur in the meaning of each term but the… Continue reading »

Web Developer Essentials

A website’s success depends on several factors. However, here are the two things that a web developer must pay maximum attention to:  1) A Successful Web Design The first criteria is the content. Your target market will be looking for data, so it is best to ensure that the most relevant content gets maximum visibility.… Continue reading »