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Why People Love Digital Wall Clocks

People have always been fascinated with clocks since the first mechanical models were introduced in the 1100’s. Today, there are a variety of clocks out there, the most popular being the common wall clock. Wall clocks are usually of the analog type and feature hands and numbers, though recently digital wall clocks have increased in… Continue reading »

Large Digital Wall Clock – Easy to Read Display

There are a lot of new styles in home décor today which incorporate digital technology into them. Most of the appliances you purchase today have some type of digital function and LED readout. This modern design has been carried over to the line of clocks you can purchase as wall units. You can now purchase… Continue reading »

Wall Clocks Are More Than Functional

When you set out on your search to find the perfect wall clock for your home, you need to consider more than just the way it tells time.  Well, you can shop however you like, I don’t mean to impose my standards on you.  What I mean is that there are so many great old… Continue reading »

Bringing The Large Wall Clock Tradition Indoors

This is a large wall clock in Prague - an astronomical clock, in fact.
If you live in a larger city here in the U.S. or abroad, you are likely to have seen some of these large wall clocks around town.  In the past, most larger cities had one in the town square or local train station.  They kept the time and also everyone to a unified rhythm of… Continue reading »