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A Guide To Cheap Running Watches

Lost pedometer
If you are new to the sport of running, then chances are you are looking for a new watch. While it is tempting to splash out and buy something expensive off the bat, it is usually wiser to get a cheap watch while you are becoming accustomed to your new sport. Over time you will… Continue reading »

Weight Watchers pedometers, for members and non-members

Wedding Weekend in IN-20
photo credit: akeg I’ve always been independent, not much of a joiner. I’d heard great things about Weight Watchers, but I don’t feel the urge to attend meetings; I don’t feel that I need the personal support offered at group meetings. And so I was delighted to learn that Weight Watchers now has an online… Continue reading »

Wear a Pedometer Watch

1/800 s
photo credit: CobraVerde The pedometer, but more importantly the pedometer watch, is a great utility for inspiring yourself to exercise. If you wear it on your wrist all day it will track how much you’ve been walking around and this will allow you to see the plain hard facts about your daily routine. What I… Continue reading »