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Controlling Panic Attacks without Medication: Flower Remedies

Star of Bethlehem
Who would have thought that flowers can also be used in the treatment of anxiety? Sufferers today no longer have to rely on medications when there are other alternatives which are healthier and safer. Flower remedies are just one of the many ways of controlling panic attacks without medication. It turns out that flowers do… Continue reading »

Driving Anxiety – 5 Pointers to Prevent Panic Attacks While You are Driving

I must confess…getting behind the wheel of a vehicle stresses me out a lot. This is not such a big confession because lots of people experience stress, become worn thin, are pushed to the limit or whatever other term you want to use, when they are driving. This happens a lot. Several times I have… Continue reading »

The Art of Managing Panic Attacks

Panic attacks, amidst the fact that you have an inkling as to what they are, can still be very frightening as well as terrifying. As a matter of fact, even the mere idea of experiencing another panic episode can already leave a negative impact on your professional, social and personal life. Most often than not,… Continue reading »