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The Importance Of A Trading Plan

Let’s face it the recession and the status of our economy has certainly prompted us to be a lot more cautious when it comes to spending and investing our hard earned assets. Quite frankly, the trading and investing industry has started to develop a not so good reputation simply because of the volatility of the… Continue reading »

The Golden Rule Of Investing

How many times have you heard investors use the phrase “buy low, sell high”? Too many times? Too often? It is quite interesting how people continue to use this phrase and consider it the golden rule of investing, but actually do otherwise.  Why do we keep doing things that are outside of what we think… Continue reading »

Learn About High Yield Corporate Bonds

When making an investment, you need to know what you are doing before you begin putting your money away into a particular type of bond. The fact of the matter is that investments can make you rich, if you know how to invest properly. The problem is that so many people do not know what… Continue reading »

A Few Ways For The Macro Trader To Use Volatility

Volatility is the bane and a blessing of our existence as traders.  Without it we can’t make money but the only time we lose any money.  Yes, as global macro traders we need and kind of crave volatility as it seems as though our best profit opportunities are when the markets go nuts and everything… Continue reading »

Five Fundamental Traits of Successful Investors

The world of business is so welcoming. Pure skill does not guarantee you success. However, skill plus the traits of a good investor may just assure your success. These traits can be summed up by using five words: discipline, professionalism, versatility, realism and organized. Each of them compliments the other. One can not stand alone;… Continue reading »

The Value Of Time-Tested Stock Picking Tips

Due to the ever changing nature of the market economy, tips concerning stock trading may vary from one time or another and may be useful in one instant but not on other occasions. If this is the case, one may think then that getting tips would practically be useless because of its lack of reliability.… Continue reading »

Stock Exchange History and other Facts

Many people buy and sell stocks and other financial products in the stock market as a source of income or as a hobby.  By just investing a certain amount of money in a successful or growing company, you can get profits with less effort and time. You also do not need to leave the house.… Continue reading »