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I Like My Glass Table and Chairs

The Three Musketeers
photo credit: Dennis Wong I have a glass table and chairs and I like them a lot. Last week one night George came over. He just walked in with a 6-pack of beer and plopped himself down at the glass table in the dining room. I didn’t like this. Why was he here? He said,… Continue reading »

(No title)

photo credit: kevindooley It seemed strange to me. I had been in and out of antique stores for several days and I saw one round glass dining table after another, covered with dust, so I could assume they had been there for a while. Now I am seeing several in a store. I just came… Continue reading »

Looking For A Glass Dining Table

Ordinary greys
photo credit: lepiaf.geo I’ve been looking through catalogs for weeks for a glass dining table. I never thought it would be so difficult to find what I need. Most of the tables I’ve seen are round. I’ve seen some that are oval. None of those is what I need. I’ve even called a couple 1-800… Continue reading »