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Choosing A Glass Table

There's some red in my dining room
photo credit: RedGlow82 Good meals and great conversation make some of the best memories, and the dinner room is a classic place for friends and family to come together. Having a striking glass dining table is one of the ways to make these kinds of gatherings more appealing and more comfortable. Not only are glass… Continue reading »

A Glass Dining Table For Your Home

The dining room table is one of the most used pieces of furniture in the house. Most families use it for far more that simply eating the evening meal. Dining room tables are used for all meals, for a place the kids can do home work or the parents to go over the bills. The… Continue reading »

I Never Thought Of A Glass Top Dining Table

photo credit: Tschäff Before I came here on vacation I had never thought of having a glass top dining table, but since I’ve been wandering around in the French Quarter, I’ve had several epiphanies. The people in this town really know how to decorate with imagination. I’ve walked into several patios with bubbling fountains  where… Continue reading »

(No title)

photo credit: kevindooley It seemed strange to me. I had been in and out of antique stores for several days and I saw one round glass dining table after another, covered with dust, so I could assume they had been there for a while. Now I am seeing several in a store. I just came… Continue reading »

Looking For A Glass Dining Table

Ordinary greys
photo credit: lepiaf.geo I’ve been looking through catalogs for weeks for a glass dining table. I never thought it would be so difficult to find what I need. Most of the tables I’ve seen are round. I’ve seen some that are oval. None of those is what I need. I’ve even called a couple 1-800… Continue reading »