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Easy Garden Lighting With Solar Lights

Attleson Farm: Solar Lights
photo credit: elisfanclub Solar lights provide one of the easiest ways to illuminate a garden.  Since they get their power from the sun, these lights can be placed in practically any location without having to string electrical cords from light to light.  Solar lighting can improve both the aesthetics and safety of the garden.  One… Continue reading »

Garden light advice

If you want to gaze out at beautiful lights in your garden, one efficient way to light the area is to use solar landscaping lights. You can select from hanging, elegant copper fixtures that produce a warm glow to accent your flower bed. These garden lights are safe even in foul weather, and near bodies… Continue reading »

Home Decoration Tips and Lighting

Sometimes you really have to wonder if the angels had a hand in the invention of outdoor lights such as garden lighting. I mean, it is so great that I can’t even explain it but alas I will try. For instance, did you know that you are less likely to be robbed if the exterior… Continue reading »