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Futons – Cheap Mattresses That Can Actually Last

photo credit: Tim Patterson The forums and review sites are littered with unhappy customers who have bought a cheap mattress only to find that it has sagged, is too smelly or noisy or has simply become unusable because it’s fallen apart. Perhaps if these people had taken the time to research what they were buying… Continue reading »

The Futon Sofa Bed – Ideal For Small Spaces

photo credit: Mr Wabu Not only are the values of homes dropping, the size of our living space is decreasing too as the builders try to get as many homes into their plots as they possibly can. These smaller living spaces let the buyers with smaller budgets get onto the ladder, increasing the builders customer… Continue reading »

Different Qualities Of A Futon Mattress That You Need To Check

3 Months in the Making
photo credit: kurmbox Buying a futon mattress is just like purchasing any other type of furniture in a store in the sense that you need to go through different factors that will help lead you to the best or most suitable choice for you to line up in front of the cash register with. Futon… Continue reading »

The Uses Of A Futon Mattress

photo credit: erichhh Now, you may think that a futon mattress can only be used in two ways specifically as a bed and as a sofa or couch. Well, you’re dead wrong because this type of mattress can be used in a wide array of different and exciting ways that you and your family will… Continue reading »

Futon Mattress – Which Frame to Get?

photo credit: eflon Nowadays, space is becoming a great concern for everyone. Since homes are becoming less spacious, getting the right furniture is something that many have to do. Those huge bulky beds we used to have when growing up aren’t so popular anymore.  The futon mattress has now become the way to save on… Continue reading »

Simple Facts about Futon Mattresses

Here are a few simple facts about futon mattresses that one should keep in mind before purchasing them, especially with the current increase in futon mattress users on a worldwide scale: There are two types of futon frames, and these frames are partly responsible for the versatility that futons, such as futon sofa beds, futon… Continue reading »

Futon Mattress Dreams

Khila gyermek
photo credit: Bendzso… If you have ever wondered if you are having difficulty sleeping because of a poor mattress, then your dreams might be coming true.  It is definitely time for you to check out a futon mattress for your personal sleeping arrangement if you suffer from any of the following:  difficulty going to sleep,… Continue reading »