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A Few Ways For The Macro Trader To Use Volatility

Volatility is the bane and a blessing of our existence as traders.  Without it we can’t make money but the only time we lose any money.  Yes, as global macro traders we need and kind of crave volatility as it seems as though our best profit opportunities are when the markets go nuts and everything… Continue reading »

Five Fundamental Traits of Successful Investors

The world of business is so welcoming. Pure skill does not guarantee you success. However, skill plus the traits of a good investor may just assure your success. These traits can be summed up by using five words: discipline, professionalism, versatility, realism and organized. Each of them compliments the other. One can not stand alone;… Continue reading »

Getting Financial Advice

In these harsh economic times people are turning in droves to the financial services industry looking for solutions or advice on how to deal with their specific financial needs as well as potential methods for avoiding future money troubles for those who have yet to fall victim to the recession. As such, while the majority… Continue reading »

Financing A Private Party Car Purchase

Buying a car from a private party can save you thousands of dollars. The problem is that most individuals are not willing to let you pay them back over a set number of months. That is where a private party auto financing comes into play. You can get a private party auto loan from your… Continue reading »