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Weight Loss Diets That Promise Too Much

When it comes to products or programs that deal with losing weight, you are sure to find some that will make some pretty outrageous claims. Finding a fast weight loss diet is pretty simple. Just look at any advertised diet program. None of them will tell you their program is the slow way to lose… Continue reading »

A Guide to Rapid Weight Loss

A lot of people would like to lose weight. The large number of medically obese individuals today, makes weight-loss a sad necessity. There are times, however, when a person wants to lose weight, not for health reasons, but because he/she wants to fit into a certain outfit for a special occasion. This type of situation… Continue reading »

Exercise Smarter And Lose Weight Fast

To lose weight fast, it really pays to exercise smarter rather than harder.  Here are a few tips to show you what I mean. One way of working out smarter is to divide up your exercise time into several shorter workouts instead of one long one.  For example,  if you normally exercise 30 minutes a… Continue reading »