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Fast Cash Jobs

One of my favorite methods for getting cash fast is finding a job that will pay cash the same day.  This obviously takes some skill and resourcefulness, but I really believe that anyone who wants to can do it.  There are tons of traditional jobs that pay cash.  The most common are bartenders, servers, valet… Continue reading »

Auto Title Loans – Ever An Option?

You’ve probably heard all the horror stories about people who have used car title loans and had their car taken off them at the drop of a hat when they fell behind on their repayments. But why are so many of us still enticed by the promises of fast, easy cash and are there any… Continue reading »

Thinking About Calling Log Book Loans Lender?

If you own a motor vehicle and want to get your hands on a pile of cash in a hurry then you might be tempted to approach a log book loans lender. These guys will offer you a certain cash amount dependent upon the value of your car and in return will expect to hold… Continue reading »

Thinking About UK Payday Loans? Think Again!

Trying to get your hands on a loan when you have a bad credit rating has one major disadvantage and that’s the fact that the only lenders who are willing to give you the credit you need are the ones who charge extremely high interest rates. Visit the bank and tell them you want a… Continue reading »