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How to Speed Up Your Metabolism

photo credit: cumi&ciki A person who is serious enough about losing weight knows that increasing the rate of metabolism has a huge impact in his goal and helping him lose weight rapidly. If the metabolism is high, the body can efficiently process all the foods you have eaten as fast as it can and consume… Continue reading »

Exercise Smarter And Lose Weight Fast

To lose weight fast, it really pays to exercise smarter rather than harder.  Here are a few tips to show you what I mean. One way of working out smarter is to divide up your exercise time into several shorter workouts instead of one long one.  For example,  if you normally exercise 30 minutes a… Continue reading »

Wear a Pedometer Watch

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photo credit: CobraVerde The pedometer, but more importantly the pedometer watch, is a great utility for inspiring yourself to exercise. If you wear it on your wrist all day it will track how much you’ve been walking around and this will allow you to see the plain hard facts about your daily routine. What I… Continue reading »

Exercise Health Fitness

The categories of exercise health fitness are all areas of great importance to many people.  Exercise is planned physical activity designed to better ones overall health.  Fitness can be measured in many different ways to determine ones health.  Living a healthy lifestyle is something that Americans struggle with.  Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer… Continue reading »