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Dog Health: Just As Important As A Human’s

In regards to health, animals should be given the same level of attention as any human being. But in terms of caring for the animals, it becomes a bit more complex since they cannot fully express what they feel troubled about. This is similar in the case with dogs which you have kept in your… Continue reading »

Training Your Dog

Caring for baby animals has long been associated with children and women, however, the number of men entering into the baby animal fields – i.e. – animal husbandry or puppy raising – has been rising exponentially in recent years. Perhaps it’s the downturn in the economy that has caused men to flock in droves to… Continue reading »

Profile of an Aussiedoodle

Considered a designer dog, the Aussiedoodle is a combination between a Poodle and an Australian Shepherd. These dogs have a rectangular build and are muscular and agile. They are becoming a popular breed as companions and some are also being taught to be herders. These dogs are very athletic and require a high level of… Continue reading »