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Signs of depression on teenagers

Just recently I watched a documentary of teenage suicide in the US and how serious the statistics are. And it’s not just in the US alone; other developed countries are also affected by this rising phenomena. Japan and South Korea too are going through the same thing; what’s sad is that the victims are between… Continue reading »

The Relationship Between Mental Health and Addiction

For many people who suffer from drug and alcohol dependency issues, mental health and addiction are closely related. Some people turn to alcohol and drugs to escape mental health issues like depression, stress, and social anxiety. Although these may seem like good solutions in the short term, they almost always have negative consequences down the… Continue reading »

Managing Depression

When you are blue (and dusty)
photo credit: Axel B├╝hrmann The symptoms of depression in women and men can sometimes be so severe that they ruin families, careers, jobs, self-esteem, confidence and relationships. Generally, depression is a state of mind where the mind fails to work as well as expected and the person becomes a slave to negative thoughts, blue moods… Continue reading »

Overcome Feeling Depressed With This Simple Practice

If you are having a hard time in life then it could be because you are feeling depressed. Depression has many symptoms that cause one to withdraw from those around them as well as themselves. Feeling depressed is a very negative feeling of tremendous discontent, often due to the feeling inadequate. As though you are… Continue reading »

Making the Most of a Stay At A Depression Treatment Center

If you have the chance to be admitted to a depression treatment center you are going to want to make the most of your opportunity there. It is not everyday that you get to be surrounded by some very respected mental health professionals in an environment that is very conducive to healing. So while you… Continue reading »