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When is your tooth ache serious?

It was 8:00am in the morning and Tame’s mouth was just a little sore. He had felt this before but the last time he had felt it was in elementary school when he was just a kid. When it happened then it was because he had been punched in the mouth by the school bully.… Continue reading »

What To Look For In A Dentist Office In Langley

When looking for a new dentist, most people know that they should learn about the dentist office in Langley by asking the dentist or staff questions. Those questions include asking about billing, prices, insurance, and emergency care. However, most people don’t visit the office before they select a dentist. There is a lot of information… Continue reading »

Selecting The Best Dentist Phoenix Can Offer Your Family

Many people forget to include their teeth in their overall health. It is very important to your health to keep your teeth in top shape. This means appropriate dental hygiene and regular visits to your dentist. Seeing a dentist regularly can help to detect potential problems ahead of time. The relationship between you and your… Continue reading »

First Calgary Dentist Appointment: Chipped Baby Tooth

I just want to document an experience we had with our daughter for any parents out there who are facing a similar dilemma. When our daughter was two, she had an accident in the bathtub. We had just given her a bath and I had drained all the water from the tub. I realized that… Continue reading »

Finding A Charlotte Dentist

For me, one of the hardest thing when moving to a new place is finding a new dentist. Recently, I’ve moved to the Charlotte area and I’ve actually been to 4 different dentists since coming here because each one didn’t seem to be very friendly and decided to try and convince me I needed a… Continue reading »