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Used Camper Vans and Motorhomes

15-window camper
photo credit: Howard Dickins If you are looking to purchase a used motor home or used camper van, you have many options to choose from.  You will need to consider size, types, and different models.  After thinking about your needs and budget, you can begin your search to find the perfect van.  You can find… Continue reading »

A Short Guide to Camping

Most people who go camping do it in designated areas.  This makes it so that they have a smaller chance of getting lost.  Most campsites these days offer basic amenities that allow for convenient living, and some of them even offer Internet access.  Camping today is a lot more comfortable than it used to be and this… Continue reading »

Coleman Camping Lanterns

Sooner or later, everyone who goes camping will run into the situation of getting to your campsite late and having to set up your camp in the dark. One solution to this is to get a campfire going first, but how are you going to find enough wood to get it going (and keep it… Continue reading »

Air Mattress Sizes

The price of air mattresses has come down considerably over the past decade. Now a good one doesn’t even need to cost you more than $60. I know this is hard to believe but just go to your local Walmart and take a look. You will realize that you can get a bargain on a… Continue reading »

Fishing Trips

If you find yourself being bored, and sitting at home all the time. Why not go on a weekend fishing trip with a few friends or your family? This way you can get out and have some fun. If you wanted to, you could even turn it into a camping trip. Fishing trips are lots… Continue reading »

One thing to think about when choosing a camp chair

When you are deciding what camping chair to get, there are a few things you should consider. Assuming that you are going to use the chair for actual camping, there is one factor that you should give more attention than others. This factor is the distance that you have to walk to get to your… Continue reading »