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The Relationship Between Mental Health and Addiction

For many people who suffer from drug and alcohol dependency issues, mental health and addiction are closely related. Some people turn to alcohol and drugs to escape mental health issues like depression, stress, and social anxiety. Although these may seem like good solutions in the short term, they almost always have negative consequences down the… Continue reading »

Drug Detox Centers

There are a lot of ways to get clean and sober, but one of the worst ways by far is to do at home, alone, on your couch.  This is known as cold turkey and it can be downright nasty.  In fact, depending on the drug you are detoxing from, cold turkey can be fatal. … Continue reading »

Beating Opiate Addiction

It is not an easy thing to beat opiate addiction, because it is so easy to return to a painkiller in a sudden moment of weakness. When someone is hooked on opiates, the drug takes all our pain away.  Unfortunately it can do this for more than just physical pain, but we can also fall… Continue reading »