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Home Remedies for Your Acne

Dealing with acne can be somewhat of a hassle. It would be nice to just get rid of them magically some how but too bad that can’t be done. What you can do instead is help prevent more of them from showing up on your face as well as help speed up the healing process… Continue reading »

Easy home remedies for acne

There are many natural home acne remedies. One is peppermint. It’s preferable to spearmint because it has menthol within it, and this has medicinal values. If you are unable to find peppermint, use whatever type of mint that’s available. You can grow peppermint easily, if you want to always have it on hand. To use… Continue reading »

Acne Not Just Teens

Acne is a skin condition that is seen in 8 out of 10 teenagers irrespective of their gender, race and ethnicity. While most of the acne is seen on the face, it can also be seen on chest, neck, back and shoulder. Acne is formed by clogging the skin pores by dirt, oil and bacteria.… Continue reading »