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Sump Pump Knowledge and Maintenance: Expert Plumbers

Are you worried about the high water table in your area? Have you been threatened with possible flooding due to the high water table? Have you checked your sump pump lately? If you know there are problems with your sump system, it is necessary to call your professional plumbers service center as soon as possible. An experienced plumbing technician will arrive and take care of repairing the old pump or installing a new one.

Many areas of the country where homes are built have unusually high water tables. That means that ground water is close to the surface and may pose a potential flood to your home. You may have noticed a sump system in your home. It is probably located in a utility room in your basement. If you have no basement, the sump system may be installed in the crawl space under your home.

The sump system is a simple mechanical operation that removes any collected ground water from your basement or around your home’s foundation. When water enters the area, it naturally flows to a low spot. This is the sump pit of your system. When enough water has collected in the pit, it raises a mechanical float which actuates a switch that turns on the pump. The pump pulls the water from the pit and sends it into your home’s waste system.

If your pump stops working, the water will build-up in the sump pit and eventually overflow into your home. The pump on a sump system needs to be checked at least once a year. Do this by pouring a bucket of water into the sump pit. The water should disappear within a few seconds. If it does not, you should quickly be in contact with one of the plumbers in your area. He will be able to fix your current pump or install a new one.

photo by: Nicks8888