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Stock Exchange History and other Facts

Many people buy and sell stocks and other financial products in the stock market as a source of income or as a hobby.  By just investing a certain amount of money in a successful or growing company, you can get profits with less effort and time. You also do not need to leave the house. Today’s stock exchange allow its traders to do their businesses at home, sitting in front of their computers, wearing their pajamas, and basically doing what any normal person will do at home. However, not many people know the history of the stock exchange because they are probably not interested with what transpired before they can trade and earn money in the stock market. You can buy programs to look back and I suggest you read some stock market software reviews to find a program that is right for you.

Most articles and books trace the history of the stock market way back in the 12th century. They said the very first brokers came out in France, where they traded debts and securities owned by the government. This is the reason why the previous name of stock exchange is ‘securities exchange.’ At first, they did not have computers or internet, so they only traded in coffee shops. The first registered stock exchange was established in 1602—the Amsterdam Stock Exchange. Around 1700s, France and England also registered their own official stock markets, and America followed suit several years later. Today, there are many stock exchanges all over the world, especially in major global cities. People from all walks of life in different countries can trade in the stock market as long as they have enough money and knowledge to be successful in this industry.