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Static Caravans for Family Breaks

trailor park
Creative Commons License photo credit: ollesvensson

Static caravans are very popular for holidays in the UK. Although all types of people choose to hire a static caravan they are definitely most popular for families, this article takes a look at why they are so great for family breaks and why you may like to hire one for your break this year.

Static caravans – like most self catering accommodation – are hired out on  a weekly basis and this means that you will pay the same amount for the caravan whether you are a family of four or a family of six. This in one reason that static caravan holidays are so popular for families – they are cheap. If you were trying to take your family abroad you would have to pay for each individual member and this would work out costing more the more members of your family there were.

Of these cheap static caravans are situated on holiday parks which have excellent entertainment facilities. Young or old there will be something to keep everybody in your family entertained. Golf or fishing for dad, playgrounds for the kids, and perhaps a sauna and gym for mum. These are just typical examples but you will usually find that there are a range of activities going on so nobody will be bored.

Static caravans are also great for families because they are big enough to spend time in without every one getting irritable. A ten berth caravan will typically have four bedrooms so should the weather be bad for a day or two on your break you will be able to spend the days inside the caravan with everyone having their own space.

These are the three main reasons that static caravans are so popular with families wanting to take a summer break in the UK. If you’re struggling for cash this year consider this type of holiday – you won’t be disappointed!