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Some of My Wrought Iron Patio Furniture Thoughts

The Morning After the Night Before
Creative Commons License photo credit: Kat Photographic

I’ve been thinking about buying some wrought iron patio furniture.

I just finished putting in a flagstone patio on the front of my home. It was part of the landscaping that went on for my recent wedding. Now that the event is over, I’m left with a bare patio that needs to be filled with something to accentuate the style of my home. Since I live in a remote part of a southern state – Texas – the decor tends to fall on the side of the rustic or western look. The weather here is ever changing. Yesterday it was 102 degrees and then it hailed. Since this will be outdoor furniture, I need it to be sturdy and rugged. I think this is why I’ve been drawn to wrought iron for my choice.

If you are looking for solid, quality, lasting furniture you might think about getting yourself a set for your patio.