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Some Classic Styles of World Map Wall Art

There are some classic posters that are designed to be exhibited as works of art. The various world map posters are often framed and hung up as interesting pieces in a family room, study or den. You will find these items available in assorted styles including the old maps that have been reproduced on newer types of poster paper. Many of the art prints available as maps of the world are meant to showcase the antique displays of map making. These maps will include the labels used for various bodies of water as well as continental regions that were given at the time the map was originally created.

An antique world map poster may also be classified as a vintage map and will often come in the traditional shades of brown. Some of these maps are designed as cartography maps and may include small insets around the border section of various directions as well as stellar constellations. Often these antique styles will be written in the language they were originally produced in, so you may not understand the words used on the particular poster. The various map styles will also be available in different sizes including a twenty by twenty inch size and a thirty-six by twenty-four inch size.

Most of the maps you purchase as wall art will come with the frame included. Most retailers will offer a selection of different frames you can choose to have your map mounted in. The frames may be constructed of wood and come in a few color choices that will enhance the look of the map. You can also find these posters available as stretched canvas prints ready to hang on any wall. In addition to the classic world maps there are also many maps of oceanography, constellations and planets. You can even find political maps of the world for any student of political science to use and enjoy.